Aikido Tekkojuku of Boston 13th Anniversary Seminar

October 19, 20, & 21, 2018

Jiki Deshi Seminar

Long-term Students of Kanai Sensei Share 150 Years of Learning

Aikido Tekkojuku of Boston has a unique concentration of Kanai Sensei’s longest students as senior instructors. This significant legacy will be the focus of this year’s ATJB 13th Anniversary Seminar, October 19-21, 2018.

Below are the instructors who will be teaching at the seminar and the number of years they studied under Kanai Sensei:

Yasumasa Itoh, 6th Dan, Chief Instructor ATJB, 26 years
Gilda Bruckman, 6th Dan, Senior Instructor ATJB, 32 years
Joji Sawa, 5th Dan, Senior Instructor ATJB, 23 years
Dolita Cathcart, 5th Dan, Senior Instructor ATJB, 22 years
Don Laliberty, 4th Dan, Senior Instructor ATJB, 15 years
Andre Brown, 4th Dan, Senior Instructor ATJB, 13 years
Shinji Muraki, 3rd Dan, Instructor Boston Aikikai, 21 years

For students of ATJB, this seminar provides an opportunity to practice with instructors who may regularly teach at times that do not align with the student’s schedule.

For everyone, and especially those who are not members of ATJB, this seminar is a unique chance to experience Kanai Sensei’s legacy through the teaching of his immediate, long-term students.

Instructors at the 13th Anniversary ATJB Seminar will focus specifically on Kanai Sensei’s legacy as it is manifested in their own teaching.

Hoping to see you on the mat. More details to follow in a few weeks.

Yasumasa Itoh Sensei
Chief Instructor, Aikido Tekkojuku Boston

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