ATJB Friendship Seminar, 2019

We are so grateful to everyone who came to train with us at our Friendship Seminar on Saturday, August 24th. It was a privilege and a pleasure to learn from our guest instructors:

We made many new friends — at Shobu Aikido, New England Aikikai, Harvard Aikikai, Portsmouth Aikido, Boston Aikikai, and Aikido Ulm in Germany.

Gathering for afternoon training! Including Bob Toabe-sensei, Sharon Kanai-sensei, and Daryl Muranaka-sensei.

The event was a huge success — we were (pleasantly!) stunned at how many people came out to share their practice with us and support our dojo. It was thrilling and humbling to see the depth of community in the greater Boston area. We hope that we will have the chance to meet you again on the mat soon.

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