Rank Tests

Three times a year, Tekkojuku invites members to demonstrate their mastery by testing for rank. Tests are administered by our most senior instructors. Attendance is encouraged by all members, providing an opportunity for us to celebrate our learning and progress as a community of practitioners.

Ranks begin at 5th kyu, and progress upward to 1st kyu. The next rank is 1st dan, at which stage the aikidoka may wear a black belt and hakama, traditional trousers that contribute to grace, fluidity, and posture in practice. Dan ranks proceed up to 9th dan. Our member’s ranks are noted on our dojo’s nafudakake, a wooden membership list displayed above the practice area. While rank does recognize skill and achievement, we promote a non-hierarchical dojo culture both on and off the mat.

Tekkojuku is a member of the Aikikai. Members receive rank directly from Hombu (Headquarters) Dojo in Tokyo. Testing requirements for various ranks may be found here.